Petite Frenchies 

French Bulldogs@2017

Petite Frenchies Big Easy
AKA Eddie

Eddie is a silly boy who likes to play or be in his mama's lap.

Eddie's DNA is;  Merle AY/AY Co/co B/b E/e e/EM ,no brindle, no pied

What does this mean???

Eddie is a fawn merle carries cocoa, carries blue, carries cream, no brindle, no pied.

Baby Eddie

17 months

15 months

 CMC Batten's Blue Chrome
AKA Trouble

Chrome has a wonderful personality!

He's silly and playful and also a calm couch potato.

Chrome has a beautiful head and ear set. I can't wait to see him develop.

Chromes DNA is:  AY/A  d/d  CO/CO  N/S  n/KB EM/EM

What does this mean??

Chrome is a blue brindle carries pied.

10 week photo

5 months photo shop fun

14 months and filling out