Petite Frenchies 

French Bulldogs@2017

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Text or call  651-492-0294

We will require a phone conversation if you are serious

 about purchasing one of our pups as we want them to go to the best of

 homes as loved pets or in home, small breeder only, NO kennels.

Tula and Chrome welcomed 3 little boys
on Oct. 27th,2021
Mama is turning her boys into chunky monkeys!

Corduroy, now Tater is living his best life with his new furfamily

Corduroy is a smart little boy!

He sits on command and (usually ;o) shakes.

Just look at those expressive eyes, He is sooo sweet!

Levi is SOLD

Meet Levi, he has a cute kissing spot on the top of his head.

He is living his absolute best life in Pennsylvania

               Patch is SOLD and now his name is Bruno! 

I think he looks like a Bruno. ;)

Bruno will be living an adventurous life with his forever family, how exciting!



 Below are past pups that are in their new homes and living their best lives!

They have arrived!
I'm happy to announce we have 2 beautiful girls :)
sadly we did lose 1 baby boy :(

The girls are doing great and mama is being attentive as usual
turning her potato's into fat lil dumplings. ;)

Meena 16.5lbs        

Eddie 19lbs


Cream Puff is now known as

Harpe June. <3

Pictured at 6wks old.

Meena's Girl #1 seems to be a Bunnie lookalike.

She is such a little potato.


Cherry Tart is now known as

Lola.  Adorbs!

Cherry found her home through referral, Yayy! :)

Pictured at 6wks old.

Meena's Pretty brindle girl #2. 

She's such a tease not showing her strips. 


Meena and Eddies litter arrived on

November 9th,2020

Happy Birthday babies!


Blue Rhino AKA  Bodhi

Blue Brindle Male

Deposit received. This Frenchie nugget will live the rest of his life with

his uncle that was purchased from me last yr..WooHoo!


Louie Lion AKA Louis

Blue  Merle Male

This potato will have a furever family 

with an Auntie they purchased from me 3 yrs ago. Yay!


Baby Bear  AKA Boujee

Fawn Female

This little Frenchie has found her furever family!


Snow Bunnie

 Fawn Merle Female

This Sweet girl is our keeper baby!